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 IoT Consulting Toronto

IOTxLAB is an Internet of Things consulting agency in Toronto.

Let’s build your next project X.

Toronto IOT development

Do you have an IOT Strategy?

Not everyone has a clear IoT strategy yet, but many companies all over the world are implementing IOT solutions right now.

IOTxLAB can partner with you, review your pain points and business processes, and see how IoT can help you achieve your business goals, cost savings and growth.

Let us partner with you and define your IoT strategy – together.

We’ve Got You Covered

IOT Design and Strategy Consulting

Is your company looking to implement an IOT strategy or make your existing product suite IOT enabled? Are you looking towards IoT and real-time data acquisition to solve a strategic or tactical problem for better business insights and decision making? 

IOT Hardware Consulting

Need assistance with selecting or developing your IoT hardware? We can help with assessing off-the-shelf development and prototyping hardware, custom hardware development strategies, or working with OEM’s to customise their hardware for your needs.

IoT LPWA Communications

Stuck or bewildered at the plethora of IoT LPWA communications protocols or wireless connectivity types available? We can help clarify the best choice for your needs, based on real world evaluation experience

IOT Cloud Platforms

Wondering what IoT application platform you should choose? Struggling with assessing what out-of-the-box IoT features are in public cloud IoT platform offers? We can help with clarifying the minefield of potential choices, and advise on things to watch out for

In The News

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iot press

Our Founder, Robert Platek

IOT pioneer and charismatic technology executive who thrives in a fast paced and ever changing entrepreneurial landscape.  Robert started his software engineering career at IBM working on DB/2 for half a decade (which now powers Watson AI) and spent the next 15 years in IOT strategy and product development, software/hardware design, and business operations including founding multiple startups.

Robert has always been fascinated with hardware/software interactions and how IOT systems can affect things in the real world, and is sharing that interest with the Toronto community by organizing Meetup group – 2700+ members

Robert merged his lifetime passion for entrepreneurship and internet technology, and Founded SensorSuite Inc., a leading edge Internet of Things company and the first IOT energy efficiency company in Canada.  He’s now continuing that passion by working with global companies on innovative projects in IOT, AI, and emerging technologies.

work experience - IBM, RBC, Toronto Life, etc
IOT consulting toronto, IOT development toronto

Technology platforms we’re experts in

Python Development

Django Development and Maintenance

ReactJS / Javascript Development

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Arduino / Particle / Hardware integrations

API / Cloud integrations


Brands We’ve Worked With

We’ve helped all types of companies — from exciting startups to Top Companies — launch successful projects


  • IOT technology design consultation
  • IOT product design from concept -> hardware -> cloud integration
  • API & Cloud platform development
  • Production and Manufacturing of IOT products

Let’s Get Started

Ready for an IOT strategy? Let’s Build this Thing Together!

IOTxLAB is an Internet of Things (IOT) consulting and development agency located in Toronto, Canada.